Opera for Windows 9.00 Build 8502

26 06 2006

opera jpeg O Opera é um browser alternativo pequeno, rápido e leve, que suporta HTML 4.0, Javascript 1.3, SSL 3, XML, WML, CSS2 alguns plug-ins do Netscape, navegação pelo teclado e auxílio a deficientes (pode usar apenas uma tecla) e muito mais. Também tem cliente de e-mail, gestor de downloads com suporte para continuar downloads perdidos, leitor de newsgroups, leitor de notícias RSS, cliente para IRC, gestor de contactos, gestor de passwords, área para anotações. Falta também enunciar o gestor de torrentes.

Latest Changes:

  • New content blocker — “Block content” option is available from the page context menu
  • New Opera Widgets feature. Widgets are small Web applications that live outside the Opera window. Use the new Widgets menu or panel to add and manage the widgets of your choice. Learn more about using and creating widgets at widgets.opera.com
  • Added support for peer-assisted file distribution using BitTorrent
  • New search engine editor — “Create search” option is available from the search form field context menu
  • Updated search.ini — the file version number is now 8. All files with lower version numbers will be overwritten on upgrade
  • New keyword a for searching with answers.com
  • New keyword b for BitTorrent search
  • Added site preferences feature, available from page context menu, Quick preferences, and collectively from Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Content
  • Terminology update: user interface and help now refer to “tabs” instead of “pages”
  • Web page thumbnails are now shown when hovering tabs
  • Keyboard shortcut changes:
  • Ctrl+T opens new tab
  • Ctrl+N opens new window
  • Ctrl+D saves bookmark for current page
  • Ctrl+B does “Paste and go”

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Licença : Freeware


DownloadDownload ( Opera )




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